About us

Who we are?

A-LAN Technologie is a GROUP of proven Specialists in the field of broadly understood solutions for tele-technical networks.

We are a Polish ICT company, formed by the merger of a distributor of advanced network technologies, AICOM, and a manufacturer of structured cabling and video surveillance systems, A-LAN Technologie. We have been in existence since 2001.

Such an operation allowed us to create a strong entity, thus gaining the status of a leading manufacturer and distributor of IT network solutions on the Polish market. The consolidation of the potentials of both companies has allowed us to strengthen our position in the industry, accelerate our development and competitive advantage, which translates into an extremely attractive offer for the customer.

According to prestigious and impartial rankings, A-LAN has been consistently ranked as one of the most dynamically developing companies for years, being the winner:

Transaction and financial risk insurance leaders Coface and Euler Hermes rate the company\'s liquidity highly.

High quality in production, distribution and design is verified by regular audits and ISO 9001 certifications, we implement environmental management according to ISO 14001 procedures.

We take constant care of the high quality of our products, so we constantly conduct a quality verification process based on global certified testing laboratories:

A-LAN provides specialized solutions, with full implementation support, we focus on the supply of:

  • certified structured cabling systems with at least a 25-year system warranty
  • all types of passive and active components for the construction of teletechnical networks, in both copper and fiber optic technology,
  • ICT and power cabinets,
  • professional video surveillance systems: cameras, DVRs, servers, monitors and a range of accessories operating on the basis of intelligent CCTV platforms
  • UPS uninterruptible power supply solutions.

Our product groups are characterized by customized solutions dedicated to the most demanding areas of the economy: industry, mining, railroads, healthcare, research centers, data centers, and fiber optic FTTH and FTTD solutions.

Our brands:

  • WireArte - a premium structured cabling system with unconventional solutions for easy management of passive infrastructure, transmission speeds of up to 40Gb in the copper layer of the network and a 55-year system warranty.
  • ALANTEC - copper and fiber optic solutions for structured cabling systems with a 25-year warranty, cable organization systems and all necessary installation hardware including cables and wires
  • Q-LANTEC - teletechnical solutions dedicated to FTTH residential and medium-sized office solutions falling within the attractive price group.
  • AVIZIO CCTV - professional, highest quality digitalCCTV systems based on IP technology solutions supported by intelligent image analytics management platforms
  • AVIZIO Power - UPS uninterruptible power supply solutions

Key Distributor / Partner:

  • KERPEN - German structured cabling manufacturer basing its socket technology on, among other things, interchangeable modular connectors allowing the replacement of sockets, depending on the transmission technology without interfering with the existing, permanently installed transmission path. KERPEN\'s solutions allow data transmission speeds of up to 40Gbps in copper technology (category 8.2), which gives them market leadership.
  • EKAHAU - solutions for planning and management of WI-FI wireless networks
  • ZPAS - manufacturer of data communication and power cabinets, control panels, DATA CENTER equipment
  • LG/Ericsson - digital telephone exchanges
  • AXXONSOFT - software for managing video and recording equipment
  • NETGEAR - supplier of active devices for wireless and wired communication with 25 years of tradition.
  • TP-LINK - a professional line of popular active switches dedicated to the institutional customer.
  • DCN - a capital-linked LENOVO specialized supplier of network equipment products designed for special tasks
  • EXTREME Networks - highest quality network solutions
  • LANCOM Systems - trusted network solutions for the public and private sectors

You can find A-LAN's products in our branches and in the network of ICT and electrical wholesalers throughout Poland.

We provide wholesale online purchasing system in the form of B2B platform and dropshipping.

Our many years of industry experience have resulted in the introduction of a number of innovative technologies into our commercial offerings.
Based on such a wide range of products, we can offer reliable structural network components needed for the operation of virtually any field of the economy.
We specialize in providing solutions for industry, server rooms, data centers, offices and education, but we also provide specialized products for healthcare, where special emphasis is placed on safety and performance. We also offer dedicated solutions for heavy industry (mining, shipbuilding, metallurgy).

Under the ALANTEC brand, we have the most competitive solutions on the Polish market, both in terms of price and technology. We offer products from the following assortment groups:

  • ALANTEC Dual Connect Line

    Economy line based on Keystone Jack utility modules with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty

    the most standard and popular solution based on Keystone Jack toolless modules with a 25-year system warranty.

    A versatile and innovative structured cabling system based on an interchangeable insertion solution enabling non-invasive change of the application insertion on the socket and panel side with a 25-year system warranty.

    Highest performance shielded structured cabling system allowing multimedia transmission (CATV, video, voice, data) in a single socket. Based on TERA and ARJ45 category 7 and 7A connectors.
  • ALANTEC Industry Line

    specialized solutions for industry.
  • ALANTEC Data Center

    solutions for the server room and data center industry.
  • ALANTEC Optic Line

    Fiber optic structured cabling system with a 25-year warranty, based on single-mode (9/125 SM) and multimode (50/125 MM) solutions.

    "Fiber to the apartment," a fiber-optic solution intended mainly for developers, obliged by an MTBiGM decree to install in each apartment, in a multifamily building, a ready-made fiber-optic connection terminated with a so-called multimedia cabinet.

The structured cabling systems we offer, allow transmission of: 10BaseT, 100BaseT, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet meeting the requirements of classes C, D, E, F, FA, G in copper cabling and classes OF300, OF500, OF2000 in fiber optic cabling.
Structured cabling ALANTEC can be used in many configurations based on STP shielded solutions mainly in ICT networks at risk of electromagnetic interference or unshielded UTP. A wide range of components and attractive price differentiation allows our products to be used in any type of ICT networks, from large corporate to small home installations. We can use fiber optic solutions in FTTD (Fiber To The Desk) and FTTH (Fiber To The Home) networks.

The products we offer are subject to periodic quality testing. Each component of the certified track has been tested as part of a complete transmission track of its class to ensure the correct operation of the required utility applications.

The testing and certification bodies are reputable, industry-specific international institutions:
  • Institute of Communications in Warsaw
  • GHMT AG Niemcy
  • DELTA Dania
Positive measurement results guarantee the correct operation of both the entire transmission path and its individual components, while compliance with industry standards allows the expansion of existing cabling systems from other manufacturers without losing the quality of functioning parameters in the transmission path.

The measurement topology includes 2 types of tests

CHANNEL (main, recommended)
Measurement of all elements in the circuit.

patch cable + jack + installation cable + patch panel + connection cable

Measurement of fixed elements of the installation only.

socket + installation cable + patch panel

For our contractors, we offer full engineering and design support.

Investors we advise by conducting an audit of the planned investment, select the most advantageous solutions, give a full 25-year system warranty or a 5-year product warranty.

Designers of structured cabling systems are offered a library of our products in the form of DWG blocks. Using the library, you are able to draw the elevations of ICT cabinets, find part numbers and descriptions of key products. Since the library is a collection of blocks in DWG format and not a dedicated overlay there is a possibility to use it not only in AutoCAD but also in competitive programs such as:

Installers are offered training cycles to become certified installers of our cabling systems, material pricing, and consulting throughout the network construction process. We rent certified network measurement meters, brands: FLUK, LANTEK, JDSU. We have a special discount policy for our certified installers.

All the products we offer are available through our authorized distribution network throughout the country. We offer two options for purchasing our products on the Polish market.

  • the entire complete system structured cabling covered by a 25-year warranty
  • individual elements system allowing freedom of configuration at unbeatable purchase prices

The following system solutions are currently available with a 25-year warranty
(series of products ALANTEC PLUS):

  • Shielded Structural Cabling System STP class FA 1500 MHz
  • Shielded Structural Cabling System STP class F 1000 MHz
  • Shielded Structural Cabling System STP class EA 550 MHz
  • Shielded Structural Cabling System STP class E 250 MHz
  • Shielded Structural Cabling System STP class D 100 MHz
  • Unshielded UTP Structured Cabling System class EA 550 MHz
  • Unshielded UTP Structured Cabling System class E 250 MHz
  • Unshielded UTP Structured Cabling System class D 100 MHz
  • ISDN Telephone Wiring System
  • Fiber Optic Structured Cabling System

Each certified component in the ALANTEC portfolio has been tested as part of a complete transmission path of its class for proper operation of the required utility applications.