Cable trays and ducts

The cable conduits system is used to lay main cable paths.

The cable conduits system is used to lay main cable paths. Large usable cross-sections allow to lay cables of larger dimensions. These ducts are of the following heights: 40mm and 60mm.

The original conduit construction allows to mount inside partitions of adequate heights. These partitions divide the conduits into three or four parts, which allows to lay an electrical installation in parallel to the ICT and logical networks in a single profile. Connecting accessories that is a guarantor of an aesthetic installation realization is an addition to the system. This system is compatible with wall accessories available on the national market.

Cable ducts, also known as installation supports, that create a continuous base with the sides bent upwards. They are used to create electrical and industry installations. They are made of metal plates, PCV and sometimes coated steel. In our offer you will find both the PCV ducts and these, in which PCV is only a coating for steel.

The PCV cable ducts ensure stability for cable paths, even in harsh environment conditions, due to high mechanical resistance, good physical and chemical properties.

We offer products of the following Polish brands: KOPOS, STASIŃSKI, LEGRAND, BAKS, EL-PUK. The brands are famous for their high quality products for laying cable paths. The items are characterized by exceptional care for protection of edges, ideal connection of elements and perfect compatibility of elements.