Video intercoms and access control

IP & Analog solutions

We placed a number of intelligent functionalities in video intercoms that may surprise you. Visual intercom widens the surveillance functionality by increasing the level of protection in the user's house, creates a crisis response center. A built-in access control gives a feeling of safety inside the house or at work. Echo cancellation technology ensures a very high quality of voice transmission. All the functions can be easily managed through an intuitive mobile application based on Android and iOS systems.

Video intercom system controls access through an outdoor station equipped with sensors. This allows a user to open door by putting a programmed card to it.

Up to 2500 cards or fobs can be added to a single system. All movement will be detected and registered in the access system.

Indoor station - monitor can communicate and be powered through a distributor that supports the PoE technology. The monitor can also be connected to an ordinary switch, however, this requires an additional feeder. All devices must be connected to a local and separated network. There are no special connections between the devices, which makes the configuration flexible and comfortable.

When using the video functionality, there exists a possibility of communication between different premises. The software platform can, with the use of a video intercom, send such information as: alarms, adds, and information about the real estate. The monitor can be used as a mini monitor for the CCTV AVIZIO IP camera to preview picture.

Video intercom is also an alarm system. Up to 8 alarm sensors can be attached in a single flat. The system can be activated and deactivated remotely, as well, and the alarm signals will be sent to the access control system and security office. Apart from basic functionalities of a video intercom, the system enables integration with the CCTV AVIZIO systems. The gate camera can be assigned to NVR and conduct recording.

Mobile applications facilitate control of LAN and WAN networks. At the same time, they allow their users to remotely monitor and answer telephone calls and unlock the door.

Easy and intuitive interface based on the Windows 8 Metro tails system. The software can send such signals as: alarms, adds, information about the real estate, etc.

When combined with other AVIZIO brand product, the I/O safety module provides a door access control, and development of entrance / exit through an encrypted communication.