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LAN switches solutions

Based on unique competence resources, as well as a broad staff potential, we support our clients during the entire time of development and modernization of the network infrastructure, both in small cubature projects and complex data centers, beginning with project assumptions, through selection of technology and designing of architecture, up to support provided during the implementation or migration process.

LAN switches are solutions that ensures complete support to the network, starting with small local distribution points, through highly efficient network nodes and server aggregations in data processing centers, up to implementation of the network cores. They are ideal for the following branch enterprises: financial, educational, hotels, production, or government and self-governing institutions, where a reliably functioning complex network environment means an effective work.

An efficient, stable and scalable network is a foundation of every infrastructure. When planning investments in this area, one must consider future infrastructure expansion capabilities and current switching demand.

Cable infrastructure allows to use LAN resources with the already existing architecture. However, its most popular disadvantage is that it cannot be expanded to gain an increased access to the network. In this case, a wireless WLAN solution is helpful. This is an attractive solution for standard wire connections that enables a wireless access to leading business applications, IP telephony and multimedia. Furthermore, WLAN is a tool that provides both the highest standard of support for wireless connections and a solution that allows to implement a unified wired-wireless solution within businesses that use both types of connections.

Based on experience gained throughout many years and supported by advanced simulators, we help our clients to implement WLAN networks, starting with an analysis of available radio means, through selection of an appropriate technology, up to placing accesspoint on the projections and in the facility. Moreover, we have a full range of server solutions in our offer, both for house IT and data processing center applications; scalable and efficient servers that can be mounted inside a server cabinet, suitable for every IT environment and providing high computational efficiency; solutions based on cassette servers as high density powerful IT solutions; convergent platforms that optimize handling dynamic tasks, both in small offices and data centers, due to adequate processing capabilities, mass memory and connections. All of these solutions are supported by us free of charge, when it comes to selection and implementation in a newly constructed or already existing network infrastructure.