ICT cabinets

ICT and server cabinets

Progressive computerization of the telecommunication and teletechnical systems on the one hand and application of advanced technologies in IT systems on the other hand, require that increasingly better solutions, when it comes to the 19" ICT and server cabinets, are used.

In our offer we have open and enclosed rack enclosures and cabinets, as well as 19" standing and 19" to be hanged cabinets. Every product meets the highest requirements when it comes to use and safety. Due to control at all stages of our production, we deliver a product that meets the highest quality requirements. By using the latest technological and constructional solutions, we create a compatible and easy to use product.

Using solutions that we propose ensures effectiveness and savings. Our ICT products are indispensable in all server installations, IT networks, disk matrixes, and data transfer protection.

The products are also recommended to be used in production lines and for an individual user.