A-LAN Technologie is for the moment a leader in selling passive technologies of structural cabling on the Polish market. We are a Polish information and communication technologies (ICT) company created as a result of fusion of the AICOM company, distributor of advanced network technologies and the A-LAN Technologie company, producer of structural cabling systems and video monitoring. Main company website www.a-lan.pl.

This operation allowed us to create a strong entity, thus winning a status of a leading producer and distributor of networking solutions. The company continues its business activity, the roots of which can be found in the '90s of the 20th century. Joining strengths of both companies allows us to reinforce our position on the market, is a guarantor of competitive predominance, which is depicted in a more attractive offer for the Client.

We produce and distribute certified structural cabling systems, all types active and passive components to construct telecommunication networks, both in technology that uses copper and fibre, IT and power enclosures, professional video monitoring systems: cameras, recorders, servers, screens, and a number of appliances that operate on the basis of CCTV intelligent platforms.